Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Transportation & Cargo

truckingTransportation and cargo claims are unique lines of business which can expose transportation companies and insurers of transportation companies to significant financial risk. This specialty line of business requires the expertise and experience of a licensed professional to assist insurers, and transportation companies, with controlling and monitoring their financial exposure related to this risk, as well as negotiating any subsequent claims to a satisfactory conclusion.

Transportation and cargo claims can include, 
but are not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple vehicle accidents
  • Rollovers and single vehicle accidents
  • Load shifts
  • Improper packing and/or packaging
  • Load contamination
  • Temperature abuse (temperature controlled shipments)
  • Tractor, trailer, and cargo thefts
  • Vehicle fire losses
  • Third party property damage (vehicles, building strikes)
  • Third party injury claims (bodily injury)

HCI provides solutions for the above issues by providing expert assistance to companies that require the investigative services and the experience of a fully licensed, and highly qualified, claims handling professional. Combined with a decade of claims handling experience with transportation companies and contract positions with some of the most notable insurers related to transportation and cargo claims, HCI's professionals will provide solutions and deliver results in an effective and affordable manner.

At HCI, we understand the needs of the companies invested in this market, and we are able to produce the results these companies require.